Whether it be email templates, eye-popping resumes, or a complete website redesign, I have helped small to medium businesses take their brand to the next level without charging Ad Agency prices. I would be more than thrilled to assist your company with any digital design needs you may have.

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Ace Rivington Website Redesign

As a manufacturer of premium quality denim, California-based brand Ace Rivington had no problem promoting their own product line. Yet when they wanted to expand their digital offerings to other companies’ products, a website relaunch was needed.


Ezra Arthur Email Templates

With the concise and detailed quality of their products. We focused on a clean and sharp design for the premium leather goods companies’ email template.


Courtney Day Nassar Resume

As an educator and entrepreneur, Ms. Nassar approached Bardlebee with the hopes of revamping the visual aesthetics of her resume by allowing it to resonate with her personality and making it stand out


Lokely Infographic

As an app that helps users find geocentric suggestions for bars & restaurants, Lokely came to me with the goal of building out a set of infographics that would help new users learn of the apps functionality without being weighed down in text.


Meghan’s Foundation Print Materials

Every year, Meghan’s Foundation puts on a series of events to raise money for War Veteran’s. The foundation requested updated print materials to send to potential donors for the highly popular Vino & Vinyasa event.

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DJ Admc Website Design

As one of the top entertainers in Pittsburgh, ADMC wanted a digital footprint to promote his videos and upcoming events.